Autobusu Vairuotojai, Norvegija
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Karštas pasiulymas! Reikalingi autobusų vairuotojai pastoviam darbui Norvegijoje, Stavanger mieste.Darba Stavangere ir Stavangerio srityje. Minimalus kontraktas 2 metus, galima prailginti. Galima gyventi ir dirbti Norvegijoje su visa savo seima ir uždirbti Norvegiška pensiją. Atliginimas30000 NOK/men (apie 3300 EUR) + bonusai+ 10% atostoginiai (vienodos salygos kaip ir Norvegų vairuotojams). Darbo valandos : 37,5val/sav. Kompanija padeda su apgivendinimu Reikalavimai: maziausias patirtis 1 metus. D kategorija +95 kodas anglų kalbos žnios noras studijoti norvegų kalbą (nemokamos kursus aprupins kompanija) We offer a Norwegian employment contract from February/April 2017 for minimum 2 years in a major public transport company after passing the 400 hours language course and registration in Norway. Automatic prolonging of employment intended. After 5 years, employees are entitled to receive the benefits of the Norwegian social system, such as pension and unemployment benefits. It is advised to move with the family to Norway after half a year of work. The job is to drive a bus in public transport and urban and suburban traffic in one of the major transport companies in Norway (Stavanger region in Southwest Norway). Ticket sales and customer service to passengers. Responsibility for the cash box. Positions: 12 bus drivers for start by 1 FEB ♦ bus drivers for start by 1 APR 2016 Contract:2 years for the start Unconditioned prolonging after the 2 years is normal Salary: ca 30000 NOK/month + bonuses + 10% holiday pay (same conditions than Norwegian drivers) Working hours: ca 37,5 hours/week Support:Help with moving to Norway, finding accommodation, legal and tax registration by our experienced team . payable housing (ca 5000 NOK/month) after orientation on the market everybody can take his family to Norway and rent/buy omn your own Recruitment Recruitment meeting from 20-22 in Krakw 1st day: Information meeting + 1st interview 2nd day: Driving test and 2nd interview 3rd day: Introduction into Norwegian language and the internet modules Training:Fully sponsored package of 400 hours Norwegian course. Additional sponsorship: 500 NOK each person each week ca 100 hours internet modules at home ca 300 hours in class learning (place to be decided depending on the participants. If possible in or close to Lithuania) We expect: - Minimum 1 year of documented experience as bus driver - Driving license D and EU driving certificate for transport of passengers - Customer orientation and good driving skills - Ability to communicate in English language - EU-Citizenship - Successful participation in an information and recruitment event in the period 20-22 October 2016 in Krakw/Poland - Successful participation in a 400 hours Norwegian language education (free of charge) with final exam on B1 level (CEFR). - Readiness to move to Norway and work at the employer for a period of not less than 2 years
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Atlyginimas nuo: 3300 € per mėnesį

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